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"To reconnect you to the grid quickly...
So you're saving money again".

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We Repair
Fronius Inverters
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No matter what brand
inverter you have...

We'll quickly connect you to the grid
again so you're saving money.

Solar Inverter Repairs & Replacement Services Adelaide

Solar Inverter Repairs and Replacement Services is a family business dedicated to repairing broken solar systems.

We offer solar system owners in and around Adelaide a convenient solution should your PV inverter stop working. We’re a service provider who specialises in either repairing or exchanging inverters. Our aim is to keep residential solar systems running so you’re saving money. If your inverter stops working for some reason, contact us and we’ll determine if a replacement or repair is required. Fronius inverters are repaired on site.

To make it easy for you, please locate your inverter brand under the “Your Inverter Brand” tab on the navigation bar above and provide us the information required on the form.If you’re unsure as to how to do this, simply call us on the number below.

Call us on 0411 752 574.

Our business is a Fronius Service Partner (No: AU-1733) which simply means we are accredited to repair Fronius inverters on site. This saves you time and money because your inverter stays on your wall and is repaired very quickly meaning your system is back up and running and you’re connected to the grid again. This saves you money.

We adhere to our mission statement… “Getting you reconnected to the grid quickly so you’re saving money again”

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