Kaco Inverters Overheating


One of the nice features of Kaco inverters is that it tells you when the internal temperature is too high. When it is, the inverter will stop working. However, we’ve recently replaced a couple of Kaco’s 1.5Kw which were faulty due to high internal temperatures. This normally comes up with an “FS 10” error message and the display reads “Temperature In Unit Is too High”.

This can occur when the ambient temp is too high (which really shouldn’t effect any inverter in Australia but does) or the fan is faulty. Another cause is if the unit is installed in say a carport where there is no air flow. This can often appear as an intermittent fault meaning when the inverter cools down it will operate again. However, the ones we’ve replaced lately have been out of warranty and the cost of removal, packing and shipping, repair, then re-install, almost begs a replacement with a new inverter which carries a new warranty.

If you find your Kaco inverter is presenting you with the above error and it’s out of warranty, you may want to consider a new inverter.

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