Eversolar Replaced With SolaX
New InverterYet another badly supported Eversolar inverter has been replaced by a better brand.

Just this morning we replaced an Eversolar 1.5Kw with a SolaX inverter. Yes we replaced a Chinese inverter with another Chinese inverter but the new one has more support and an extended warranty to 10 years. SolaX inverters can have extended warranties for 10, 15 or 20 years.

Our customer had 2 x 1.5Kw Eversolar inverters side by side and one of them failed after only 3 years in operation. Having tried to claim a warranty replacement on the failed Eversolar our customer decided to replace it with another brand. He called six (including us) solar repair businesses and I quote… “you were the only one that sounded like you knew what you were talking about. Not only that, you responded quickly whereas the others didn’t even bother getting back to me”.

This is all too common these days and we pride ourselves on fast service and turnaround times so you’re connected to the grid quickly and saving money again.

Replacing Eversolar inverters is becoming a common (almost every day) occurrence. In our experience, they have an enormous failure rate and what’s worst, is there is very little if no support in Australia. You can learn more about Eversolar here.

Old Vs New
Old Vs New

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