Another Eversolar Fails
20160421_085530_001_resizedThis is becoming almost a daily routine for us now. Yet another Eversolar inverter has been replaced today with a SolaX.

The Eversolar had the usual problem not being able to connect to the grid due to internal failure. DC and AC voltages were fine so it was a case of replacing it. The input DC voltage was 477VDC which limits the numbers of choices available for a 2Kw replacement.

Eversolar is no longer supported in Australia (at least that’s been our experience of late) and even though it was under warranty, the unit had to be replaced with a different brand at the customer’s expense!

If you have issue with your Eversolar inverter, contact us and we’ll help you re-connect to the grid quickly so you’re saving money again. There is a way you may not have to pay for the replacement.


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