Kaco Replaced By Fronius Galvo
KacoWherever possible we replace broken inverters with Fronius because of their new technology and the fact that we repair them ON SITE if something does go wrong.

We had a call from a customer who’s inverters were damaged due to a lightening strike on their property (or nearby) and we replaced them just this morning with 2 Galvos.

Before anyone comments, we added the “Shutdown Procedure” labels after the photo was taken.


Our customer suffered a lightening strike on (or near) his property which destroyed the printed circuit boards in both Kaco inverters (pictured above). While Kaco is a very reputable and reliable brand, nothing can withstand the enormous voltage surge that lightening causes and thus the inverters were destroyed. We could have replaced them with Kaco inverters but if you read this you’ll understand why we didn’t due to the lack of support in Australia for Kaco.

Instead, we opted for Fronius Galvo because of their better technology and extended warranty for no extra charge. Our customer is very happy with the result and both systems are up and running and producing shortly after the initial call.

Another happy customer!

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