Halogen Downlight Alternative
WPC_HAL_MR16ANS_BAB_GU5.3If you have Halogen downlights you need to get rid of them ASAP!

Read our blog for mare detailed information on halogen Vs. L.E.D.

  • They’re costing you 88% more to run than LED lamps.
  • They are a fire hazard due to the extreme temperatures they create in your roof space.

The above 2 points are the facts. If you have halogen downlights with the standard 50 Watt lamp in them you’re wasting money and have a potential fire hazard in your roof.

L.E.D. (LED) 6 Watt lamps lower your electricity consumption by 88% and because they operate at much lower temperatures, the potential fire hazard has been removed.

This is not rocket science but more common sense. As long as you keep your Halogen downlights, you’re wasting money and risking a fire in your roof space.

We have now partnered with an international company in a supply agreement to benefit customers. Buying in bulk means that you can afford to change every Halogen bulb for an LED bulb and reduce your electricity consumption up to 88%.

Visit our shop for bulk pricing to suit your needs. The more you buy, the more you save!

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