Kaco Inverter – Failure DC Link
20160519_102018_resizedThis morning we replaced 2 x Kaco 1.5Kw inverters due to a “Failure DC Link” error.

Because of the lack of support from Kaco in Australia, we decided to replace them both with Fronius Galvo’s.

In the pictures below you’ll see one of the inverters demonstrating the printed circuit board failed components. On the top side of the board you can clearly see the burnt components and on the underneath of the board the damaged transformers (chokes) are visible by way of discolouring. They should be a consistent nice copper color but clearly they’re not.

Can they be repaired? They probably can, but given the lack of support in Australia by this company why would you? Our experience has been that you’ll wait for weeks (probably months) only to have your inverter returned to you in a repaired condition which will have a 12 month warranty on the parts only. So after all the waiting time, you’ll receive a repaired inverter which may fail again with other components and all the while you’ve lost valuable solar production.

If Kaco’s support in Australia improves and they offer better repair turn around times we’d be more than pleased to support them. But at the time of writing this blog, it’s now been 4 weeks since we contacted Kaco head office in Germany to ask who their service agent is in Australia and we’re still awaiting a reply. This is not acceptable.

Thus the reason we recommend other brands that we KNOW we can receive support from and who back their products ie: Fronius and SMA. Here are the pictures of the damaged Kaco printed circuit board with a “Failure DC Link”…

Melted 1 Melted 2

As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, Kaco are renowned as being a good quality German manufactured inverter but they lack when it comes to support in Australia. And that’s what it’s all about… support of the product you have on your wall.

If you have a Kaco inverter that has a “Failure DC Link” error, the above information may help you understand what the issue is. If you’d like us to help get you back connected to the grid quickly we’d be more than happy to provide a viable solution to your problem.

I hope this information is of help to you.


Phil Gear – Business owner.

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