Fronius “Startup” and “State 301” Error
20160527_091402_resizedIf your Fronius inverter is scrolling between “Startup” and “State 301” like this video demonstrates it means the DC-AC printed circuit board (PCB) has stopped working.

We can replace this board for you and get your inverter back up and running however in all likelihood your inverter will be out of warranty and it MAY NOT be worth repairing. Below is a picture of an IG20 which had this issue and we replaced it with a Fronius Galvo 2.0-1.

We need to be careful though and ascertain what brand and model panels you have before going this way. Some panels such as Sunpower (USA) have a high open circuit voltage (Voc). Depending on how many panels you have, the Voc may very well exceed the input voltage rating on the Galvo series.

I the case with this customer, her panels were SolarWorld and the Voc matched the input DC voltage range of the Galvo. In other words, you need to be careful and not just change an old IG Series for an equivalent kilowatt rated inverter. Investigation needs to be done to match your panels to the correct brand and specifications of the replacement inverter.

301If you don’t know what panels you have, the DC voltage can be measured on site to ascertain what it is and then we can offer you viable replacement options.

Wherever possible, we install Fronius Galvo as a replacement because of the high quality of the product and the excellent support they offer in Australia.

At the time of writing this post, Fronius have just announced that they are extending their offer for an “extended 5 year parts only” warranty until December 31st 2016.¬†This is testament to their commitment to quality and support and proves they back their product with pride.

If your inverter is showing this error or any other error we’d be happy to visit your property to perform a DC voltage measurement and suggest which replacement inverter will be best for you.

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