Another Eversolar Inverter Fails
3The never ending story of yet another Eversolar inverter failing only to be replaced by a top grade brand – Fronius Galvo.

This broken Eversolar was a 2Kw unit bit it had a max input wattage of 2.275Kw being delivered to it from the panels. The open circuit DC voltage (Voc) exceeded the input voltage range for a Galvo 2.0-1 (2Kw) inverter.

However due to the higher than normal maximum wattage from the panels, we decided to install a Galvo 2.5-1 (2.5Kw) because of the wider DC input voltage range. The system is now working within the technical specifications of the panels and is a far better quality inverter than the Eversolar.

This installation was a little different from others where we’ve used different Chinese brand inverters to replace Eversolar. Cheaper Chinese made inverters tend to have broader DC input voltage ranges and would be easier and cheaper to replace Eversolar inverters with Chinese brands.

But wherever possible, we replace broken inverters with Fronius Galvo due their high quality and excellent support in Australia. In this case it worked perfectly.

If you have an Eversolar inverter that has stopped working, it’s very important to measure the DC voltage at the plug tips so we know what voltage is present, before choosing a replacement inverter.

If you need us to do this for you please contact us on 0411 752 574.

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