Clenergy “Relay Failure” Error
Clenergy Relay Failure - YouTube 2016-07-13 10-21-20One of the most common errors with Clenergy inverters is a “Relay Failure” error. Quite often, when the inverter is trying to start up you can hear the relay trying to kick in and hold but it doesn’t manage to do this.
If your inverter is still under warranty, you need to contact the business that installed your system and they are obligated to replace your inverter at no cost to you. If the installation company are no longer in business, we can replace your inverter for a charge. If this is the case, you need to visit this page and fill in the form so we can organise a replacement for you.

If your inverter is out of warranty, you obviously will need to buy a new one which means another Clenergy (while stocks last) or a completely different brand. If you decide on a different brand, we need to know a bit of information about your panels so we can work out what DC input voltage the new inverter has to handle. Alternatively this can be measured on site. The Mppt voltage range of Clenergy SPH15 and SPH20 is 150-500Vdc which is quite a wide range. Some brand inverters do not have that range so care needs to be taken in choosing the correct brand inverter to replace your Clenergy.

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