Macsolar Replaced By Fronius Galvo


Macsolar inverters are no longer available or supported in Australia so the only option you have if yours breaks down is to replace it.

You could try and have the Macsolar repaired but you’ll be throwing good money after bad and the repaired part/component will only have a 12 month warranty. The rest of the inverter won’t be covered.

Most people opt for a brand new inverter which has a new warranty, sometimes up to 10 years. Depending on the size (Kw) of the Macsolar, there can be many options available to you ranging in price from lower for a Chinese made inverter up to a premium price for a high quality inverter such as Fronius or SMA.

If your Macsolar has stopped working, contact us and we’ll talk to you about the options available to you.

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