SolaX Replaces Growatt With “PV Isolation Low” Error


More and more customers are becoming dejected by the Growatt brand failing. This customer was not interested at all in replacing his broken and out of warranty Growatt with another of the same name.

Some diligent research on his part found that Growatt don’t have a very good name and that’s because they’re prone to failure. The failures are well documented throughout the internet and while some customers have had no issues with their inverter many have.

The “PV Isolation Low” error you see on Growatt inverters can be one of two things… (1) It could be a leakage on the DC side of the installation anywhere from the panels down to the DC isolator on your wall or (2) It could be a fault inside the inverter. In this instance after testing was done on the DC wiring, we found the fault was with the inverter. Unfortunately, this error is common with Growatt inverter especially it seems on the larger sizes.

Normally wherever possible we suggest a Fronius Galvo or Primo as a replacement however in this case the DC input voltage was higher than Fronius could handle. The SolaX input range is very close to that of the Growatt so we suggested SolaX as the replacement.

It’s not as straight forward as simply replacing one inverter with another of the same Kw rating. Research needs to be done in to what the DC voltage is coming down from the panels before a replacement is chosen. We’ve come across many instances where the company replacing a broken inverter has simply installed another of the same Kw rating only to find the inverter didn’t last due to the higher DC input voltage than was available on the new inverter. Some simple research such as an on site DC voltage measurement is something we always do to ensure what we offer as a replacement will work correctly.

If your suffering issues with your solar inverter we can advise you on a viable replacement which will operate correctly from the moment it is switched on.


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