Sharp JH-1600E With D-27 Or D-21 Error
If you have a Sharp model JH-1600E inverter and it’s showing a D-27 or D-21 error message, unfortunately you’re going to have to replace it with a different brand inverter. This model of Sharp inverter is no longer available or supported in Australia and Sharp themselves won’t even consider repairing an inverter with one of these error codes.

In Sharp’s own wording, a D-21 or D-27 error has been caused by “an extraneous event” meaning something external to the inverter such as a lightening strike on or near your property.

If you scroll down the page to the comments area, you’ll see just a sample of the suburbs we’ve replaced Sharp JH-1600E inverters. Generally, we’ve received calls after a major storm with lightening strikes. It can’t just be coincidence that most failures happen around the same time or soon after a thunderstorm and it’s our belief that many failures of this model inverter have been due to storm conditions.

In all cases, we’ve replaced the Sharp inverters with Fronius Galvo 1.5-1 because the electrical specs of the Galvo match those of the Sharp perfectly. By this I mean the input DC voltage range is similar between the two brands which negates the need to check panel models and panel electrical data.

However the main reason we use the Fronius Galvo to replace Sharp JH-1600E inverters is because the Sharp inverter is what’s called a “Transformer Based Inverter” and it must be replaced by another transformer based inverter. Otherwise you’ll be up for the additional cost of wiring to earth your panel array/s and framing. The Fronius Galvo is a transformer inverter and the perfect replacement for damaged Sharp JH-1600E and also Aerosharp inverters.

Other benefits of using Fronius Galvo is their extended warranty. Until further notice, Galvo inverters come with a standard 5 years full manufacture’s warranty PLUS a 5 year parts only warranty for no extra charge. Combine this with the fact that Galvo inverters can be repaired on site (on your wall) by someone like us who is a Fronius Service Partner and it all adds up to the best option.

If your Sharp JH-1600E inverter has broken down, give us a call and we’ll help you through the process of replacement and get your system running and saving you money again. We may also be able to help you claim your new inverter on your home insurance.

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