ABB/Aurora Power-One E031 Error
abb-aurora-power-one-error-e031-youtube-2016-09-29-09-02-18Power-One (Aurora) inverters have been widely used in solar systems around Adelaide. However they suffer from a regular issue which is an E031 error.

What this means is your inverter stops working and you see the message shown in the picture to the left. The alarm light will also be on. If your inverter is still under warranty we can arrange a replacement for you. However if it’s out of warranty, you may be better off replacing it with a new inverter of a different brand.

The trouble is with ABB as we’ve outlined in this post is that they are notorious for long delays in providing replacements. This means you are without a working solar system for possibly (and probably based on our experience) for weeks. Couple this with the expense of removal, shipping to and from ABB interstate and then repair costs and re-connection costs, you’ll be up for several hundred dollars anyway.


If your Power-One inverter is still under warranty the first thing you should do is contact your system installer. If they are no longer in business, please visit this page and provide us with the required details so we can process a claim on your behalf. There will be a cost for us to do this which will depend on where you live. For a price on us doing the replacement for you please call us on 0411 752 574.

I hope this information has helped you.


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