Check Your Solar Inverter After Storms
lightingAfter the horrendous weather we’ve just experienced in South Australia, if you own a solar system, you need to check your inverter now.

It’s been our experience that weather events such as this causes havoc to solar systems and especially your inverter.


Look at your inverter’s display area and check to see the green light is on constantly during daylight hours. If it is, your solar system is working perfectly. If it’s not, there will be another combination of lights and a message on the display showing an error. That’s when you need to contact us and we’ll discuss your options.

Most of the calls we receive are from people who have received their power bill and have noticed a significant rise in the amount owing. The first thing they do is check their solar inverter and find it’s not working and may not have been working for around 3 months. If you inspect your inverter now, you may save up to 3 months of lost solar credits.

I hope this information is useful.


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