Toxic Landfill Used For Inverter Packaging
packagingWhy is it so? Why do solar inverter manufacturer’s continue to use foam packaging in it’s various forms to ship their inverters around the world?

The irony is; they’re shipping inverters to be used on a renewable energy system to help save the planet, while at the same time packing their product with materials that end up in landfill and will be in the ground for centuries to come.

The packaging you see to the right is actual waste we need to dispose of and the only way is through the general garbage bin. I’ve approached recycling companies who take metal, plastics, cardboard and glass and all of them refuse to take this foam plastic. It’s ridiculous! Zeversolar, SolaX and Growatt are just a few that need to get their act together and switch to 100% recyclables as do Fronius on their Glavo and Primo inverters.

It’s time to act and stop these materials from entering the waste disposal chain and ultimately ending up in the ground.

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