ABB Australia – Worst Inverter Company To Deal With
ABB have become the most awful company to deal with as far as their solar inverter warranty replacements stand.

They make claiming a warranty replacement so hard most people just give up. When contacted by email or phone, they NEVER respond which is down right disgusting and indicative of their poor customer service.

There are many ABB inverters installed in Adelaide and while their product is semi-reliable, what stands out is their poor customer support when something does go wrong.

If you have an ABB Power-One (Aurora) inverter and it’s failed, you need to submit a claim directly to them as we’ve given up trying to work with them to help you. Once (and if) you receive a replacement inverter under warranty, we can help you by way of installing the replacement at a cost depending on where you live.

If you have an ABB Power-One (Aurora) inverter that has stopped working please watch this video because it contains information you need to provide to ABB for your warranty claim.

We are no longer processing claims on behalf of ABB customers due to ABB’s lack of support. They clearly don’t care about their solar inverter customers.

If you’ve received a replacement under warranty and would like us to install it for you, please contact us or call us on 0411 752 574.


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