The Hidden Cost Of Solar Systems
20161024_101654_resizedThe picture to the left is a 6 x 4 cage trailer loaded literally full of broken inverters.

The sad reality is that many brand inverters don’t last much longer than their standard 5 year warranty and in many cases, they can’t be repaired when they break down.

Even if they are a repairable brand such as Fronius, the cost most often outweighs the benefits of repairing them. Unfortunately the only result is to dump them in the E-Waste or take them to a recycling depot and cash them in for the scrap metal.

We went through the process and spent many days dismantling many different brand inverters, separating the parts and different metals so we could dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way. However the time spent doing this was prohibitive and the small amount of money we made from cashing in the metals just wasn’t worth the time.

If inverter manufacturers made their products to a higher quality standard we wouldn’t be faced with this dilemma as often as we are. We can only hope that as the quality of solar inverters improve over coming years this picture will be seen less and less.

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