Fronius Galvo Replaces Aero-Sharp
1Just like Sharp JH-1600E inverters, Aero-Sharp inverters are no longer supplied or supported in Australia by the manufacturer.

The old clunky style of the Aero_sharp which could literally be used as a boat anchor due to their excessive weight, were installed extensively in the early days of the “booming” solar industry but sadly didn’t last, leaving their customers in the dark when it came to support.

Can they be repaired? Yes. Are they worth repairing? Definitely NOT! By the time they’re removed and the weighty big buggers are shipped interstate, repaired and then shipped back and installed, it would be about the same price as buying a brand new inverter with a full warranty.

Thankfully Aero-Sharp inverters closely match the electrical specs of a Fronius Galvo or Primo. This means with some due diligence to check DC voltages, there’s a very good chance that a premium quality inverter such as a Fronius will be a viable replacement for the old boat anchor.

If you have an Aero-Sharp inverter not working visit this page and we’ll help you get back on line quickly.


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