Fronius Primo Replaces ABB Aurora (Power-One)
1More and more solar system owners are moving away from their rubbish ABB Aurora inverters due to their un-reliability and documented danger.

I’ve seen some pretty freaky things in my time in the solar industry including burnt components and wiring in inverters, however the picture below is chilling.

The most common error with the ABB product is E031 which means the inverter needs to be replaced. We have a customer who had enough of his Aurora inverter because of it’s regular failure which not only had the usual E031 error but was showing a very low production on 2 strings of panels making him think it was working until he received his power bill.

After drawing this customer’s attention to our blog about how poor the service is from ABB Australia he decided to replace his inverter even though it was still under warranty, with a far better quality Fronius Primo.

abb-aurora-inverter-review-house-fireWe’re no longer replacing ABB Aurora (Power-One) inverters even if they’re still under warranty. In some models, the AC terminal block defies description because it is so ridiculous in design, it can’t possibly allow a solid connection which in itself causes ongoing issues.

Also, ABB Australia is too slow in supplying replacement inverters. To reiterate, read more about this subject on our blog here.

It’s our opinion that ABB Australia are trying to capabilities on the solar customers who are “sold” on the idea of a European made inverter believing they are better quality. This is a misconception that consumers are unaware of due to bully sales people who just want to close a sale.

As a customer, if you want an ABB inverter we won’t sell you one. Apologies for being blunt but we don’t want to go backwards installing something, only to find we need to re-visit your home at a later date to replace the failed ABB inverter! However, we happily suggest better options of inverters which are well supported in Australia and are proven quality products such as Fronius or SMA.

I hope this information is useful to you.


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