Fronius Extends Their 5+5 Year Warranty
It’s just been announced that Fronius are continuing to support their products and instill belief in them by extending their 5+5 year warranty until June 30 2018.

This is great news because you the customer win with excellent support from not only Fronius, but all their Service Partners too. IRRS is a Fronius Service Partner meaning we will repair your inverter while it’s on your wall should something go wrong during the first 10 years after installation. If we’re on holiday and not available, another service partner can step in and fix your inverter while we’re away.

That’s why where we can, we recommend Fronius inverters. In a nutshell, if something goes wrong in the first 5 years you will incur no cost. If something fails in the second 5 years all parts required to get your inverter operational again will be covered by Fronius at no cost to you. There will be a labor charge to fix the inverter however the spare parts are by far the most expensive bits and will cost you nothing. Given that Fronius are clearly well established in Australia and are here for the long run, it’s good to know your inverter will be kept running and saving you money for the next 10 years and beyond.

If you click on the picture below you can read the details of this offer in PDF form.








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