Winter Restricts The Installation Of Fronius Galvo/Primo Inverters.
Winter is a very frustrating time of year for any work needed to be done outside and installing replacement inverters is no exception.

During unpredictable weather with intermittent showers, we advise customers that we’re unable to install Fronius inverters due to the possibility that water ingress into the terminal area could possibly cause damage to the inverter.

The picture above shows how exposed all the connections are during installation. It’s only at the last second (literally) when the inverter itself is snapped onto the base that the water issue is expelled. Everyone knows that water and electricity are a dangerous mix and even more so when high DC voltage (from your panels) is present. While AC voltage reacts to water badly, moisture in any DC system is very dangerous and can cause major issues in electrical installations.

All we ask is that customers understand the issue when we try to install a Fronius “Snap Technology” inverter and time our installations between showers. It can be very frustrating waiting for a new inverter to be installed so you’re saving money again, however this is one case where it’s best to hasten slowly as the phrase goes and wait for better weather so we can ensure a top quality installation of the best inverters in the world.

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