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We’re a business dedicated to repairing broken solar systems.
The scenario…

You receive your power bill and it’s exploded into a debt you didn’t expect. The next thing you do is go and check your inverter only to find that it’s not working. The next thing you do is try and contact the company that installed your system, only to find that they are no longer is business.

That’s why we exist! To pick up the pieces and support people like you. No matter what brand inverter you have, we can either repair or replace it so you’re system is re-connected to the grid and saving you money again. We’re all about protecting your investment and saving you money.

The pictures to the right show some of the issues that stop solar systems from working. View many more in our Gallery.

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What People Say (Testimonials)

Our Goals

24-48 hour turnaround from customers call. 100%
Re-connecting your system to the grid as quickly as possible is of prime importance to us.
Customer satisfaction 100%
If we do something wrong, we want to know about it so we can fix it.
After sales support 100%
We care about you after the sale so you pass our name on to others.