Clenergy Support Level In Australia = Poor!

ClenergyClenergy inverters have proven to be unreliable and can suffer from numerous faults, the main one we’ve found is “No Utility” error. This simply means the inverter is not connecting to the grid thus the “Utility” is not detected.

It’s our understanding that Clenergy inverters are no longer available to purchase in Australia except for some stock still left around the country. Once this stock has been depleted, no-one can purchase new inverters. Refurbished inverters should be available for warranty replacements however we feel strongly that this will no longer be the case in the future. Only time will tell though.

If you’re inverter is under warranty, the company who installed your system is obligated to replace it for you free of charge. If the installation company is no longer around, we can organise and install a replacement for you at a cost.

If your inverter is out of warranty we’d be happy to discuss your options regarding a replacement which will depend on the type and quantity of your panels.

snFill in the form below and send it to us but before you do, you’ll need some information off your inverter. You need to supply the model and serial number. The model can generally be found on the front of the inverter and as the picture right shows, the serial number should be on the top of the inverter.