Eversolar Support Level In Australia = Getting Better.

ZZ7518708CUp until recently there seemed to be no support in Australia for this product. The company seemed to have simply dropped off the radar with no-one knowing what happened. Now we can say that the global giant SMA Inverters has brought into the Zeversolar company with the thought of increasing sales into China.

The offshoot of this move is that the new version of Eversolar which is called Zeversolar is now offering better support in Australia with it’s Zeverlution model.

If you have an issue with your Eversolar you can submit an Online Claim to Zeversolar directly. Or call them on 1300 101 883. Otherwise we can organize a replacement and install it for a fee. Depending on how old your existing Eversolar is, it may be replaced with a Zeverlution of the same Kw rated size.


If you can see something on the display and lights on, that suggests that your panels are working fine. Shutting your system down and leaving it for about 15 minutes, then re-starting it sometimes fixes the issue. If after you’ve done this you continue to experience problems, fill in the form below and send us the information.


The picture to the right is one of Zeversolar’s new breed called Zeverlution. Most old Eversolar inverters that break down after warranty will have one of these installed as a replacement.

What you need to do if your Eversolar breaks down is decide if you want us to do all the work for you or you can arrange the replacement yourself by submitting an online claim to Zeversolar.