Growatt Support Level In Australia = Okay But With Long Delays

Growatt inverters are generally well supported in Australia however It’s been our experience that these inverters have many issues and waiting on replacement inverters can lead to long delays.

Delivery of replacement inverters can take anywhere from days (if they’re in stock) to months. The latter is generally because replacement units are used for breakdowns which depletes the stock supply. So be prepared for a long wait for your replacement in the worst case scenario.

Replacement inverters are normally refurbished units. Now and then if stock of refurbished units is low, a replacement unit will be a brand new inverter. However your warranty period still only covers 5 years from the date of installation of the original inverter.

Before you send your information to us on the form below, you need to know the model and serial number of your Growatt inverter. This information can be found on the labels which are placed on the left hand side of your inverter. If you click on the picture above you’ll see where the information we need is located. The information we need is…

  • Model Name. Found on the top line of the long rectangular label eg: Sungold 2000
  • Serial Number: This is the 10 digit number underneath the bar code label on the left hand side of your inverter.
  • Installation Date: We need this to ascertain whether your inverter is still under warranty or not. This date can be found on your “Certificate Of Compliance” (C.O.C.) on the bottom right hand corner of the C.O.C.

If your Growatt inverter is still under warranty, it’s best you contact Growatt Australia (Sydney) to organise a replacement unit. They can be contacted on 02 8065 1298 or by email on Once you’ve received your replacement, we can install it for you for a fee.