JFY Support Level In Australia = Very Poor!

JFY-JSI-2000TLAt the time of posting this we’ve been waiting for a JFY inverter model JSI-2000TL for a warranty replacement for over 2 months. Unfortunately that’s common for this company.

This is indicative of JFY’s poor support level and unfortunately happens way too often. This wait period is typical of JFY and it’s downright disgusting! Our customers have lost valuable production for 2-3 months during the summer/autumn period providing beautiful sunshine, all because they couldn’t get a replacement inverter UNDER WARRANTY supplied in a respectable time frame.

These cheap Chinese made inverters may save you money on the initial installation of your system, but will cost you dearly when they break down and you have to wait for months to receive a replacement.

In summery… If you have a JFY (JSI) inverter which has stopped working, be prepared for a long wait for a replacement under warranty. If your inverter has broken down after the warranty period has expired, we suggest you look at replacing it with and inverter that has proven support in Australia.