20161103_090453Sharp JH-1600E model inverters were used extensively in the early days of the solar industry in South Australia because they were considered a quality product. Wrong!

It’s not the fault of the installers because everyone knows the Sharp brand and considers it a quality brand who supplies quality products.

Unfortunately in the case of solar inverters they simply failed. The most common error that occurs with the JH-1600E model is either D-21 or D-27 which is clearly seen on the display. In Sharp’s own words… “The D-21 and/or D-27 error is caused by an extraneous event such as a lightening strike which is not covered by our standard warranty”. This means you need to replace your inverter with a different brand because Sharp do not offer support for their JH-1600E product.

Try Rebooting Your System…

Sometimes, this error can be rectified by performing a simple reboot of your system. A reboot means shutting your system down according to the shutdown procedure on the label adjacent to your inverter. After restarting your system if the error still shows, fill in the form below and we’ll help you.

Try Resetting Your Inverter…

You can try resetting your inverter using the button on the front control panel. We recommend you try this reset in conjunction with a reboot mentioned above and if a reset doesn’t fix the problem, fill in the form below and send it to us and we’ll help you. Here are the Instructions On How To Reset Your JH-166E Inverter.

Insurance Report…

We’ve helped many people with Sharp JH-1600E inverters suffering D-21 or D-27 errors claim replacements on their home insurance. This is because of the “Extraneous Event” cause described by Sharp. If we replace your inverter, we’ll provide you with a report that you can submit to your insurance company to help your claim.

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