Every solar system should have a shutdown procedure label on the inverter or adjacent to it somewhere.

However, it’s been our experience that even if the label is present, solar system owners still struggle with the procedure. DC and AC isolators come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes however, no matter what they look like, they should be clearly labelled as below or similar.

20160410_091032_001_resized 20160410_091021_resized shut down

If you ever need to shut your system down (perhaps to clear a fault), here’s how to go about it…

  1. Locate the “Solar Supply Main Switch” which can also be labelled “AC Isolator”. Turn this switch off first.
  2. Locate the “PV Array Main Switch” or “DC Isolator” generally adjacent to the inverter. Turn this switch off second.

Your inverter has now been shutdown. To re-start the inverter, do the above IN REVERSE.

Your inverter will take up to about 90 seconds to restart so be patient. You’ll know when it’s functioning again when you see the green light on continuously. If after you shut down and re-start the system, you don’t see a green light on continuously it means there’s a fault in the system.

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