SolaX Support Level In Australia = Yet To Be Advised

New InverterThese inverters are still relatively new in the Australian market and are yet to be proven in performance, reliability and support.

As with any new inverter brand that comes into Australia, it’s very much a “wait and see” type situation. Some may be very good products which have good support but in our experience some will be total failures and offer no back-up support. Only time can tell this.

As of the time of writing this page (April 14, 2016) SolaX inverters fall into the above category because they’re young players in the Australian market. It was only this morning on the above mentioned date that we installed our first SolaX inverter. After researching the company’s history, supply level and support we (at this stage) are comfortable in using their product.

To be honest, our experience with Chinese made solar inverts is such that we tend to steer clear of them. However, things are changing and many inverters that are coming out of China are of much higher quality and offer better support. We suggest you contact us so we can speak with you and offer viable options if you don’t want to use a Chinese manufactured inverter.

Information needed on the form below can be found on the label on the right hand side (normally) of the inverter. Put the information into the form and we’ll contact you to help.